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15 - Manos brujas


Pastorcita de amancay - Alfredo DE ANGELIS / Lalo Martel (1960)

Canta corazón - Francisco CANARO (1930)

Arrepentido - Juan MAGLIO (1927)

Las campanas - Miguel CALO / Alberto Morel (1936)

Limosna de amor - Roberto CALO / Héctor de Rosas y Rodolfo Galé (1957)

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6303 2016-02-17

Well I realized that there are multiple reliable sources with incompatible data:
Valiente: 1938
CTA cover: 1934
Bibletango: 1937
Berhard's database: 1936

I'm now discussing this issue with Bernhard, if I find something really reliable I will let you know

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6303 2016-02-16

If we accept Gabriel Valiente's Encyclopedia of tango as correct, it is 1938.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6303 2016-02-15

It was definetly not recorded in 1937. When searching the correct date I found these possibilities: 1934, 1936 and 1938

Tango Music Quiz 2016-02-12

5 - Pirincho

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6286 2016-02-12

VIejos tiempos by Rafael Canaro were recorded 1939 not 1937.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6311 2016-02-11

It is duo, but the second singer is not stated anywhere.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6162 2015-12-10

It was recorded in the year 1941, not 51.

Vladimír Dudr Tango Music Quiz 2015-06-16

Thanks Gregory.

Vladimír Dudr Tango Music Quiz 2015-06-15

Entertaining quiz, indeed! I found a small bugPlease unite Romeo Gavio y Lita Morales with Lita Morales y Romeo Gavio options in Edgardo Donato's tracks...