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Visitor access (Global search, Discographies, Lyrics, Today's Tango...), plus:
  • Advanced search (title, orchestra, singer, style and tags)
  • Sorting
  • Limited recommendations and ratings
  • Comments
  • Profile page and Favorites
  • Newsletter and Push notifications (n/a with Apple)
  • Tango Music Quiz
  • El Recodo Tango App with limited identifications / day.


Member access, plus:
  • 30s + 10s audio samples
  • Advanced Search (by date, composer, author, label, piece of lyrics, speed, musicians, rating)
  • Tanda Builder
  • Tags (no restriction)
  • Orchestra's statistics and Timelines
  • Tango Music Ranking
  • Copyright estimations
  • Removed Ads
  • Unlimited recommendations
  • El Recodo Tango App unlimited
  • ...and a big abrazo for your help!


Contributor access, plus:
  • TangoLink software and 300 credits/year (you can get more credits as you go).
  • Notifications on metadata corrections to keep your TangoLinked files up to date.
  • Advanced Search by TangoLinked recordings.
  • Linked/unlinked status display on search results, recording pages...
  • Tanda Builder: get tandas based on the recording you have (TangoLinked recordings only).
  • Assistance in the use of the site and the tools.

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