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15 - Manos brujas


Pastorcita de amancay - Alfredo DE ANGELIS / Lalo Martel (1960)

Canta corazón - Francisco CANARO (1930)

Arrepentido - Juan MAGLIO (1927)

Las campanas - Miguel CALO / Alberto Morel (1936)

Limosna de amor - Roberto CALO / Héctor de Rosas y Rodolfo Galé (1957)

Vladimír Dudr ERT-8643 2018-12-29

This recording is actually sung by Luis Díaz. The lyrics above doesn't seem to be matching what Díaz sings. The Christoph Lanner discography lists only one version of the song.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6303 2016-02-17

Well I realized that there are multiple reliable sources with incompatible data:
Valiente: 1938
CTA cover: 1934
Bibletango: 1937
Berhard's database: 1936

I'm now discussing this issue with Bernhard, if I find something really reliable I will let you know

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6303 2016-02-16

If we accept Gabriel Valiente's Encyclopedia of tango as correct, it is 1938.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6303 2016-02-15

It was definetly not recorded in 1937. When searching the correct date I found these possibilities: 1934, 1936 and 1938

Tango Music Quiz 2016-02-12

5 - Pirincho

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6286 2016-02-12

VIejos tiempos by Rafael Canaro were recorded 1939 not 1937.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6311 2016-02-11

It is duo, but the second singer is not stated anywhere.

Vladimír Dudr ERT-6162 2015-12-10

It was recorded in the year 1941, not 51.

Vladimír Dudr Tango Music Quiz 2015-06-16

Thanks Gregory.

Vladimír Dudr Tango Music Quiz 2015-06-15

Entertaining quiz, indeed! I found a small bugPlease unite Romeo Gavio y Lita Morales with Lita Morales y Romeo Gavio options in Edgardo Donato's tracks...