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11 - Discepolo


Ilene Marder Tango Music Quiz 2017-08-08

Im having lots of fun with your quiz. But seems the music you play in Europe is very different from what we play in NYC, the States, even Buenos Aires. DJs here rarely play Rotundo, Francini Pontier, Federico (tho I like him alot), even Sassone is not played much. So I just wish there was more traditional music included in the quiz. I'm on the twelve level now and have heard only one D'AgostinoVargas, no D'ArienzoEchague, no Troilo Fiorentino, etc. Perhaps you think those are too easy haha!

Tango Music Quiz 2017-08-08

13 - El Tuerto

Tango Music Quiz 2017-08-07

12 - Arolas