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The project

After thousands Tango Quiz where you are asked what is this tango it was time to offer a way for YOU to ask El Recodo.

One click, anywhere, anytime, from a short audio sample playing around you. Many apps do that for modern music, but when it comes to tango, they are - if not wrong - confusing or they lack key information such as recording dates. If such tool could be linked to El Recodo Tango Music, it would definitly improve our tango music knowledge...

Three years of thinking, struggling and developping finally resulted in the 1st audio recognition app dedicated to tango. Several people involved to make it work, especially Ahmed Alami (algorithms, tests, architecture), Julien Libeau (servers, application), Gregory Diaz (concept, audio learning, database), and all contributors.

Help improving the app by contributing!
It is an on going project...

Questions / Answers

What tango can be identified?

All recordings available on El Recodo Tango Music may be identified, which covers thousands recordings and versions, mainly classical and danceable tango which is the priority scope.
Getting a contributor access helps to improve the database on regular basis.

There's no result, however the recording is listed on El Recodo

Try with the mic near to the speaker and on a distinct sample of music. Still no result? It may be a version still unknown by the app (transfer with distinct sounding or speed), despite the efforts to continuously integrate as many releases as possible.
You can also try the advanced search with a piece of lyrics and any other filter you may find.

What benefits vs other famous apps?

Non-tango applications display information from CD releases which is perfect for music in general, but not for tango.
This app includes non-official realeases which often circulate between DJ's and dancers; and you get accurate tango data from El Recodo Tango Music. As an example, "La cumparsita by Juan D'Arienzo", is not the answer you are looking for because he recorded it 6 times between 1928 and 1971! Which one are you listening to? El Recodo can tell...

The wrong tango has been identified

Like all similar apps, the recognition technology is wondeful but never perfect. It is recommended to double check your identifications using the audio sample (play button) or the website. You can also remove the recording from your history.

I always used Facebook Login / I don’t know my password

If you don’t remember your password, or If you don’t have any because you always use Facebook to log in, click on “lost password” and follow the process: Enter your email, wait for the email (check you spams), get a temporary link to define a new password.

About El Recodo Tango App


Yuksel Sise

I can't login

Gregory Diaz

Hi Yuksel,
On the app, you must insert the same credentials as for this website (this is the same account). If you do it without mistake it should work as well as on www.el-recodo.com. Best Regards,

Sandra Castro

Hola, no conociá la aplicacion ; me inscribí como hago para acceder a escuchar y bajar música ; gracias

martine aguinalin

je découvre merci

J@V0 None

disculpen pero beatfind es mejor, y no hay que pagarlo.

Gregory Diaz

Ahora disponible par iPhone
Now available on iPhone

Neil O'Dwyer

I am viewing this screen on Windows 7. I want to download the app to my Android phone. I am happy to pay 25 euro. What steps must I take (in detail)?

Gregory Diaz

Hi Neil
Come back here wirh your android phone and press the install button on the top of this page.

Gregory Diaz

Hola Ezequiel
Técnicamente esta. Solo me faltan contribuciones para cubrir un poco más los costos de todo eso :)
Este atento y pronto llegara

Ezequiel Merlo

Está disponible para Iphone?

Juan Lagos

No disponible esta para iPhone .?

Una Chen

hi this is a dream come true! tested the app in the afternoon for an hour and it worked for most requests. later i attended a zoom meeting on pugliese. the app correctly identified about 80% of the songs played (generally for no more than 20s). so it worked with zoom compression sound quality! perhaps in some time it'll work at a noisy milonga to give us bragging rights? (obviously it depends on the app and milongas happening^^). super useful. thanks!!

Una Chen

Hi. This is great news! But login with Facebook doesn't work on the app?

Gregory Diaz

Hi Una, good question and the answer is in the Q/A section now.

Denis Tango

Bonjour Gregory, merci pour ta réponse et je suis déjà contributeur. En attendant la version ios, cordialement.

Denis Tango

Bonjour, il y aura une version iPhone ?

Gregory Diaz

Bonjour Denis,
A priori, il n'y a plus de blocage technique donc pas de souci pour une version iOS. Par contre, il faut d'abord valider l’intérêt des utilisateurs (Android du coup) et de nouveaux contributeurs.

yael szmule

Son unos capos