Beba mia by Francisco CANARO
Recording number: ERT-8549


REFERENCE Beba mia (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

La cabeza del italiano (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

Canchero viejo (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

Besos (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

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-15 min Fenomeno by Francisco CANARO
-30 min De vuelta by Carlos DI SARLI
-32 min Sueño de juventud by Carlos DI SARLI
-32 min Acuérdate de mi by Carlos DI SARLI
-34 min Ventanita de arrabal by Osvaldo PUGLIESE
-35 min Vayan saliendo by Julio DE CARO
-35 min Yuyo verde by Rodolfo BIAGI
-42 min Mala pinta by Osvaldo PUGLIESE
-43 min Mala junta by Osvaldo PUGLIESE
-43 min Desde el alma by Juan D'ARIENZO
-44 min Palida silueta by Juan D'ARIENZO
-45 min La calesera by Francisco CANARO
-46 min La violetera by Francisco CANARO
-46 min El paladin (2da version) by Carlos DI SARLI
-47 min El paladín by Carlos DI SARLI
-48 min La guitarrita by Carlos DI SARLI
-49 min El pillete by Astor PIAZZOLLA
-49 min El recodo by Astor PIAZZOLLA
-49 min Sólo se quiere una vez by Astor PIAZZOLLA
-4 h Con un silbido en los labios by Rodolfo BIAGI
-4 h Duerme mi niña by Rodolfo BIAGI
-6 h Sabras que te quiero by ASES DEL TANGO
-6 h Quiéreme by ASES DEL TANGO
-6 h Mi chiquita by Angel D'AGOSTINO

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Sasha VG
Ah, yes, though I got the weird Canaro's at level 1 and 2, but fair point that it's an evolving system :)
Gregory DIAZ
If you did mistakes on this Tango Music Quiz question, it reduces the probablity that another player will get the same question. But... you are at level 6 already; it is supposed to be more difficult now... ;-)
Sasha VG
Not a mistake, but many of the Canaro tracks at this level are rather obscure and available only on labels like CdT, so they are not exactly easy questions, like the Di Sarli and Troilo ones. Just a small feedback :)