Beba mia by Francisco CANARO
Recording number: ERT-8549


REFERENCE Beba mia (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

Pinta Brava (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

Saturnia (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

Muchachita buena (El perdon) (TANGO) by Francisco CANARO (1927)

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About Beba mia

Ah, yes, though I got the weird Canaro's at level 1 and 2, but fair point that it's an evolving system :)
If you did mistakes on this Tango Music Quiz question, it reduces the probablity that another player will get the same question. But... you are at level 6 already; it is supposed to be more difficult now... ;-)
Not a mistake, but many of the Canaro tracks at this level are rather obscure and available only on labels like CdT, so they are not exactly easy questions, like the Di Sarli and Troilo ones. Just a small feedback :)