Pirincho by Francisco CANARO
Recording number: ERT-5080

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About Pirincho

Hi Steve (and people following this thread),
To cover several cases where the discographic style does not match with the interpretation syle, the database has been improved.
The former field 'STYLE' now stands for the style as we subjectively hear it is interpreted. In this case we can hear a tango.
A new field is added in the database to indicate the style as it was written on the original disk and discographies. This field, in this case [TANGO MILONGA], is added near the subjective style.
I will try to clarify soon all other tango milonga. don't hesitate to indicate if you see more cases to correct...
Sometimes only the artist knows :)
I will slightly change the overal strategy regarding the style field.... stay tuned
United Kingdom
Merci Gregory. Je n'ai pas compris la nuance!
Hi Steve,
There are Tangos, Milongas and Tango Milongas.
Should you play a tango milonga in a tango tanda or a milonga tanda, will be a case by case choice, sometimes tricky.
Anyway, this recording is declared as 'Tango Milonga' on the original disk and discographies. La tormenta also.... Not mentionning it correctly would be a mistake in term of data. However, following what is written on disks is sometimes in conflict with the comon usage of a specific recording.
On my point of view, this recording sounds like a tango, but Mirame a mi is really what I would call a tango milonga.
Then what do you expect this page to display? data from the disk? data from subjective interpretation leading to infinite discussions? In the 2nd case we still have to deal with what sounds as a tango milonga (Mirame a mi for example).
I think I could enable the tanda builder for 'tango milonga' and see how the algorithm reacts :-) ...
Thanks for the feedback.
PS: no email nor phone number ;-)
United Kingdom
Gregory - Marcin Blazewski thinks (y yo soy de accuerdo con el) que pirincho de Canaro y La Tormenta son tango y no milonga. Y Mirame a mi de OTV tambien. Y una pregunta en que se refiere a los 'styles'. Por que milonga y tango milonga? Y de la misma manera por que condombe y milonga candombe. Is there some ambiguity?