A propos de TangoLink



I have been discovering/using Tango Link for MacOs ( using catalina and Apple Musique) during the last days, at the beginning some strange things happened, but I understand now that it was totally due to Apple Music and the fact I did not completely understand the architecture of Apple Music, now I understand it and also, the way TangoLink and Apple Music interact with each other, it is fabulous.
To TangoLink 20 songs of one Album , it takes between 5 to 8 minutes
on some batches for the 20 songs, the system is asking me for 2 or 3, titles the ERT Number of the Tango.
Having the page of el-Recodo opened, not only I can find the ERT Nr, but in case there are two recordings from different years of the same song from the same Orchestra, I can identify the correct recording, listening my file and the extract from El-Recodo.
It is a Wonderfull application, The El-Recodo team did a fabulous job.
The combination with the database and TangoLink is an incredible step...

Liora Maron

Highly recommended application for every Tango Dj, or any one with a large Tango library that wishes to update it with the correct information and organize it in an orderly manner. A big applaud to all the developers who made this project happen.

Joel Rod

Je n’en pouvais plus de chercher les dates d’enregistrements et de renommer/'tagger' à la main mes morceaux de tango. Bref, TangoLink c’est l’application que j’attendais pour mettre de l’ordre automatiquement dans ma collection de morceaux. Pour info, elle donne aussi de meilleurs résultats que les applications de type shazam car elle n’est pas perturbée par le bruit d’environnement de votre pièce.
Si vous avez une belle collection de tango et que vous voulez y mettre de l’ordre, je ne peux que vous conseiller de l’utiliser .
Merci à l’équipe d’El Recodo et aux contributeurs d’avoir fait naître ce bel outil.