Может вы еще не осознали, но вы только что обнаружили настоящий кладезь!


Racing Club
(Vicente Greco / Carlos Pesce)

Carlos DI SARLI (4/7/1940)

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BIRTH(S): ...
DEATH(S): Alberto Mancione (1998), Astor Piazzolla (1992)...
4-7-2020 El Recodo Tango


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Приходилось ли вам когда-нибудь ломать голову над названием танго, которое вы услышали, но узнали только оркестр или исполнителя ? Или видеть в своей музыкальной библиотеке на компьютере "track 1" вместо "Al compás del corazón" (уупс!!) ? Или жаждать найти больше записей любимого исполнителя, узнать, кто был композитор, какие слова в песне? Тогда несомненно вы сочтете этот раздел бесценным!

Что это такое?

EL RECODO TANGO MUSIC это значительная база данных, разработанная, чтобы легко лавировать в бесчисленных записях танго. Каждая запись отображается с 10-секундным отрывком высокого качества для распознавания. Благодаря последним усовершенствованиям теперь также можно найти предложения для танд для диджеинга, альтернативные записи одного и того же танго, больше лирики и ссылку, чтобы поделиться с друзьями в музыкальной викторине Как послушать больше 10 секунд?

Как послушать больше 10 секунд?

Только 10-секундные записи доступны в базе данных (достаточно, чтобы определить, что вы ищете). При нажатии на иконку , вы можете получить больше информации о записи, включая ссылку для поиска на Youtube. Некоторые из этих записей доступны на дисках, некоторые труднее найти записанными с этим качеством, другие же просто не изданы по сей день.

Конечно, вы можете связаться с нами, чтобы узнать больше...

Как это работает?

Быстрый поиск: Используйте поле ввода в меню навигации. Этот быстрый поиск будет искать в почти всех полях в базе данных.

Расширенный поиск: Для более точного поиска воспользуйтесь расширенным меню поиска. Здесь вы можете искать конкретные названия, эпохи, стили, имена певцов, композиторов, авторов песен и тексты, а также сочетание этих категорий.

Даты: Даты отображаются в формате гггг-мм-дд . В случае неизвестной или частично известной даты, число 0 используется в качестве джокера(например 1941-08-00).

Фильтр: При отображении списка вы можете кликнуть на колонке для фильтрации записей. По умолчанию они будут отсортированы по дате записи.

Поделиться поиском: Вы можете с легкостью поделиться поиском путем копирования веб-адреса (URL) в верхней части вашего интернет-браузера.

Избранное: Зарегистрируйтесь с вашей электронной почтой и паролем и делайте закладки ваших любимых танго! Для этого просто нажмите на напротив записи.

Получить больше: Получите больше деталей, нажав на : лирика, музыканты оркестра, лейбл, другие записи с этим названием и даже предложения по составлению танды!


PERMANENT UPDATES Database corrections, new recordings, data, lyrics and minor improvements.

14/06/2020 Welcome to new danceable orchestras. The former field STYLE now stands for the style as we subjectively hear it is interpreted. A new field is added in the database to indicate the style as it was written on the original disk and discographies. For example a Tango Milonga which sounds as a Tango is indicated TANGO [TANGO MILONGA].

27/05/2020 Lauched El Recodo Tango App V.1.0 beta. Redisned searches with a clear button. Added autocompletion to the advanced search.

20/04/2020 Announcement of El Recodo Tango App project (soon available). Removed depecrated "my ratings" menu (which where already replaced by the advanced search by ratings). Added menu "My App History" showing all recordings you have identified with the App. Improved real time feed with your activity through the App. Minor improvements on the Advanced Search.

21/09/2019 Added El Recodo Tango RANKING page showing the best rated orchestras, singers and recordings.

21/08/2019 Tanda builder V1.3: Improved suggestions now take into account relation between orchestras and your own ratings. Display and navigation improvements. Added 2 special modes "custom" and "explorer" for more even more control on suggestions.

8/08/2019 Added user ratings as filters to the Advanced Search (in addition to community ratings).

24/06/2019 New tanda builder (for contributors): this advanced algorithm does not only consider the orchestra, singer and year but also musical criteria, lyrics, speed, ratings and much more. It also suggests an order and let you fine tune your tanda. The old tanda feature is moved to "see also" section and remains available for all visitors.

27/05/2019 Added advanced search by ratings for listenning and for dancing (for contributors only). You can now find recordings based on the votes they get from the community and combine it with any other advanced search criteria.

02/02/2019 Added advanced search by musician (for contributors only). You can now find recordings on which a specific musician were playing and combine it with any other advanced search criteria.

07/01/2019 Too much data? You don’t know what to search next? Ask Carlos Gardel! Added powerful recommendation algorithm (Carlitos V1.0 Beta). Recommendations are customized based on user ratings, most recording data, but also lyrics, instruments and much more!

16/12/2018 New access level for CONTRIBUTORS with more features: added search by label (available for ~75% of recordings), search by speed/BPM (available on famous ~10% recordings), and longer audio sample (30s + 10s).

07/12/2018 Added searches by tags (for members). Two first tags are added: #Duo singers, #Woman voice. More to follow...

20/11/2018 During the last days, we experienced an increase of visitors but also several cyberattacks. Most complex database requests are now available to members only: timelines, advanced search tab, searches by date, style or lyrics. Log In to get full access to those features. Added ddos detection and IP blacklisting.

19/08/2018 Which recording do you like for listening, for dancing, and which not? Members can now rate tangos. Rating form added to the detailed page of each recording, but also Today's Tango and Tango Music Quiz. Added Ratings menu where members can see and modify all their ratings.

08/03/2018 Several deep updates to match the increase of features and visitors. Code mostly rewritten. Complete update of the design (upper part of the iceberg).

28/01/2018 Added profile pages with timeline, added specific comment section by orchestra, singer, composer, author... to facilitate worldwide discussions and exchanges. Improved user account, online activity section and main search bar.

13/09/2017 Added Log In via Facebook.

25/08/2017 You can now integrate Today's Tango on your own website. Ask me if you are intereseted. Today's Tango is now broadcasted on Facebook, Twitter, and by push notifications (members only).

20/08/2017 Splitted international newsletters in English, Spanish and French. Added Push Notifications in case of news (members only).

22/07/2017 Today's Tango: every day, a special tango anniversary is celebrated on the top of El Recodo Tango Music's main page. Added birth and death anniversaries of famous maestros (members only).

05/03/2017 Added 2nd audio sample for members. And when several samples are available into the same display, they automatically play one after the other.

10/02/2017 New predictive search engine on the top navbar.

01/02/2017 Added copyright information per recording (members only). Non garanteed information based on recording date (>50 years), as well as composers and authors dates of death (>70 years).

15/01/2017 Added popularity indicator (members only) based on worldwide huge data from Tango Music Quiz (this indicator is only available when the recording has been played enough). Added BPM (members only) on some recordings (this is the tempo of the recording). Added graphical statistics and improved timelines per orchestra.

16/12/2016 Several deep updates for faster conectivity especially if you are far from Paris. New php version, better dns, https, cdn, cache, optimized contents... Your clicks on the advertisements contributed to this.

26/07/2016 Added timeline view of orchestra/singers history (from any orchestra page, press on the graph icon). Thanks to Horia Călin Pop for his help on that feature.

26/07/2016 Website translations! Many thanks to our friends who did a great job spending time to translate this tool.
Agnieszka Ines Schott (Poland), Fabrizio Pinto (Italy), Juliana Maggioli (Brazil), Veronica Toumanova (Nederlands), Anna Zyuzina and Anastasiia Nikitina (Russia), Daniela Schulz (Germany), Cristina Aky (Romania), Nadia Cronidu (Greece), Rui Saito (Japan), ...

19/05/2016 Added maestros birth and death dates and few more things. Improved quick search engine, now including musicians.

27/03/2016 El Recodo Tango Music becomes available in 3 languages: english, spanish and french.

28/08/2015 Lyrics are coming back but into the music page (combined data). Added Authors and Composers. Improved advanced search including powerful lyrics search.

21/08/2015 Complete interface redesign. Removed Lyrics page (will come back, but better...)

01/07/2015 Almost complete Canaro discography (this is big enough to mention it as an update).

01/01/2015 Added tandas proposals for each recording. Complete page translation in english. "musique" page becomes "music" page.

24/08/2014 Responsive design and added forum area.

24/12/2013 Added lyrics database

01/07/2013 Creation of the online database with most famous orchestras.

О El Recodo Tango Music

Mi accompagna da qualche anno, strumento indispensabile per approfondire la musica, i testi e gli autori. Lo strumento più completo per gli appassionati.
Problema resuelto; llegó acceso a el recodo
Bonjour Andi, les extraits audio sont limités aux contributeurs uniquement. Si le site t'est utile depuis longtemps, je t'invite à rejoindre les contributeurs et profiter des nombreuses fonctionnalités récemment ajoutées (de plus tu auras un 2eme extraits, ce qui est souvent pratique). Dans le cas contraire, des liens directs vers youtube sont disponibles sur les fiches de chaque tango. Merci pour ton intérêt.
Depuis quelques jours il ne m'est plus possible d'écouter 10 secondes d'un tango n'importe à quel endroit. Il apparaît l'explication comment on peut y participer : comme membre gratuitement ou comme contributeur payant. J'ai profité du site depuis longtemps comme membre gratuit. Qu'est-ce qui est arrivée?