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La mariposa

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1912-00-00Carlos GARDELLa mariposa (2) ESTILO??
1917-00-00Carlos GARDELLa mariposa (2)Guit. José RicardoESTILO??
1923-00-00Carlos GARDELLa mariposaGuit. José Ricardo y Guillermo BarbieriTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1927-12-09Francisco CANAROLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1929-12-20Carlos GARDELLa mariposa (2)Guit. Guillermo Barbieri y José María AguilarESTILO??
1930-04-29Carlos GARDELLa mariposa (2)Guit. Guillermo Barbieri y José María Aguilar y Ángel Domingo RiverolESTILO??
1930-04-29Carlos GARDELLa mariposa (2) (b)Guit. Guillermo Barbieri y José María Aguilar y Ángel Domingo RiverolESTILO??
1930-09-30Carlos GARDELLa mariposaGuit. Guillermo Barbieri y José María Aguilar y Ángel Domingo RiverolTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1930-12-05Carlos GARDELLa mariposaDir. Francisco CanaroTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1938-03-23Juan D'ARIENZOLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1945-08-23Osvaldo FRESEDOLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1949-02-07Ángel VARGASLa mariposaDir. Eduardo Del PianoTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1949-07-22Aníbal TROILOLa mariposaEdmundo RiveroTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1959-00-00José BERÓNLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1966-04-00Osvaldo PUGLIESELa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1967-11-28Juan D'ARIENZOLa mariposaOsvaldo RamosTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1968-00-00José BASSOLa mariposaJuan Carlos GodoyTANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1972-08-18Alfredo DE ANGELISLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1976-00-00Nelly OMARLa mariposa (2)Dir. José CanetESTILO??
1985-12-26Osvaldo PUGLIESELa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
1998-00-00COLOR TANGO (Roberto Alvarez)La mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
2003-12-00Roberto ALVAREZLa mariposa Blanca TANGOAndrée LapeyreAndrée Lapeyre
2006-09-00Roberto ALVAREZLa mariposa blancaEduardo EspinozaTANGOAndrée LapeyreAndrée Lapeyre
2008-00-00Orquesta FOREVER TANGOLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
2014-00-00COLOR TANGO (Roberto Alvarez)La mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores
2015-08-00TANGO BARDOLa mariposa TANGOPedro MaffiaCeledonio Flores

Sobre El Recodo Tango Music


Miguel Rosa

Pure interest. Is there a bar graph of the number of original tango publications per year?

Gregory Diaz

Hi Miguel, you can see the number of recording per year for each orchestra. Click on the timeline tab, then clcik on the orchestra you want to display its detailed timeline. See the last line of the timeline and hover each period to see the value.


Merci Gregory, j'ai pu télécharger l'application APP. Excellent !

Federico Kahl

Hola alguien tiene información acerca del tango 'Amoríos' que grabó Agesilao Ferrazzano en 1927, gracias

Juan Vachino Dona

Esta dirección tiene algo te que puede interesar.

Federico Kahl

Gracias y disculpa la demora en contestar, es que a veces estoy meses sin poder dedicarme.

Kuro Kurosaka

Is there a way to report a missing recording?

Gregory Diaz

Hi Kuro, yes in the main artist page (adress like this music?O=Carlos DI SARLI for example).
This is useful mainly when the page indicates the discography is complete (so it may be an error). If nothing is indicated, it is suposed to be probably uncomplete already, in this case avoid flooding with comments, but if the recording is really famous I can put it up in my priorities :-)

Kuro Kurosaka

I don't see a button to report. Do I just write a comment under the 'About (artist's name)' ?

Gregory Diaz

Yes correct

José Pagano

Perdón queria saber que es el ERT de un tango...Gracias

Gregory Diaz

Hola José, es el numero de identificación de cada grabación en El Recodo Tango. Saludos