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1938-04-21Agustín MAGALDIHonor gaucho TANGOAgustín MagaldiJuan Fulginiti
1953-01-30Alberto MANCIONEHonor gauchoJorge LedesmaTANGOAgustín MagaldiJuan Fulginiti

Acerca de El Recodo Tango Music


Jor Gonzalez

Hola Gregory. No me permite ver las letras de tangos. Se ha modificado esa acción?.Gracias

Gregory Diaz

Hola Jor! No se ha cambiado nada. Si no aparece la letra es que no hay o no estan indicadas aun.

Helios Vidal

1962-08-21 Miguel CALO Amo a Paris, compositeur : Cole Porter !!!

Kuro Kurosaka

Many songs of 'El llorón' are classified as tango but aren't most of them milonga? For example, Canaro's 1941 recording https://www.el-recodo.com/music?id=4920 sounds like a milonga to my ear.

Gregory Diaz

Hi Kuro, these are 'Tango-Milonga' so it is a never ending story trying to classify them as tango or milonga. The details page shows tango milonga as a style.

Miguel Rosa

Pure interest. Is there a bar graph of the number of original tango publications per year?

Gregory Diaz

Hi Miguel, you can see the number of recording per year for each orchestra. Click on the timeline tab, then clcik on the orchestra you want to display its detailed timeline. See the last line of the timeline and hover each period to see the value.


Merci Gregory, j'ai pu télécharger l'application APP. Excellent !