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Michael Vlachos ERT-6740 2019-04-21

Who was the composer and author? Where can I find his biography?

Michael Vlachos ERT-7841 2019-01-07

Yes, I do know 'vuelve amor', I own for quite a long time the cd 'Orquesta Alfredo De Angelis Exitos con Juan Carlos Godoy y Lalo Martel' (Reliquias). Thanks anyway.

Michael Vlachos Alfredo GOBBI 2018-02-08

Oh, ok. I thought I was helping. One last then (because its already found): GOBBI Alfredo Cuatro novios: Music Alfredo Gobbi, lyrics Valentin Vergara - Roberto Salinas

Michael Vlachos Alfredo GOBBI 2018-02-07

Also: GOBBI Alf. Tu amargura: Music and lyrics: Laureano Martinez Smart, Porque soy reo: music: Herminia Velich, Lyrics: Manuel Meaños & Juan Velich (?)

Michael Vlachos ERT-7708 2018-02-07

Yia sou (transl: health to you, in Greek) Gregory (transl. in Greek: quick man, fast man): GOBBI Alfredo: Amor de forastero (no names of composer and lyricist): WHAT about: Music Guillermo López, Lyrics: Domingo Roldán (?)

Michael Vlachos ERT-5838 2018-01-29

I noticed there are no names off composer and author for the milonga 'El lloron'. As far as I know the composer is Juan Maglio and the lyricist is Enrique Cadicamo. Would you like to check it out?

Michael Vlachos ERT-5200 2018-01-03

I am surprised you incorporated 'adios muchachos' in a tanda. As far as I know, there is a 'yeta', (custom, superstition) about this tng: When it is played in a dance hall, every body listens without dancing and then, after its ending people applaud and usually say 'siempre vivo' or 'immortale', meaning Carlos Gardel, because it was the last tango he sung in Medellin, Col. before his tragic death. By Argentinean friends I know that is rudeness and a provocative behavior to 'bad luck' to dance it

Michael Vlachos 2017-12-04

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