Play to the online Tango Music Quiz and improve your tango knowledge!
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This online game aims at putting your musical knowledge to the test and improving it while having fun! No need to be an expert, the game was designed for all tango music lovers, from beginners to DJs alike, so just start playing!

How to play

Once you're logged in, click Start to launch a quiz. You will hear a 10 second piece with 4 multiple-choice parameters to identify (i.e. the ID card of a tango track):

  • the orchestra (among the orchestras available in the music info base on this website)
  • the singer (among a list of singers who performed with the orchestra, or instrumental)
  • the title (among the songs recorded by the orchestra that same year with that same singer if one)
  • the recording period (among significant periods in the history of tango)

Once you've answered the first question, the correct answer's revealed and you move on to the next question. Once you've answered all four of them, click Start to get to the next song.

Special question types

Tango Music Quiz aims at improving your tango knowledge. Sometimes a different type of quiz may appear. It is usually a single question about tango culture (dance, music, history...), a maestro to recognize or some piece of lyrics to identify.


At the end of each quiz, you get some additional points. The number of points depends mainly on your good/wrong answers, but also on your current level and time to answer.


Because each of us has different tango music knowledge, the game adapts the difficulty automatically. Depending on the number of songs you try to identify, and your global % of good answers, you will play from level 0 (beginner) to level 17 (tango god). Players at level 0 will hear easy songs in a limited number. The more you rise in level, the greater the possibility of hearing not so well known tangos, in a greater number. The themes are labelled easy or hard to guess automatically, depending on the answers of all players. For example, La Bruja by D'Arienzo, as an all-time classic, will be guessed by experts and beginners alike, thus showing up at the lowest levels. An old ranchera by Lomuto, is rarely heard in milongas and will be hard to identify by beginners, so it should only show up in higher levels after a while.

About Tango Music Quiz


Ani Andreani

Ok guys, could you please take out 'goodbye boys' from the Quiz and from the Tanda suggestions...
Don't you know that this song is cursed and brings bad bad luck and death???

Gregory Diaz

Hi Ani, Sorry we won't remove Adios Muchachos nor any tango from El Recodo. However I wish you good Luck to compensate a bit :)

Ani Andreani

Yeah, I dont want you to remove it... just don´t bring it in the Quiz and don´t suggest it to DJs to put it in a Milonga... I mean, the program wouldn´t suggust to put Troilo from `41 with Troilo from `42 in one tanda, so why does the program suggest to put a song, that in Argentina is not played in any Milonga, for it´s fame of bringing death to everyone, who listens to it... don´t you think, that could be an exiting 'fun-fact'... People should not that... You have a responsability ;-)

Gregory Diaz

:) thx but I am not responsible of the community nor any dj set. If the community rate a recording as very bad for dancing, the tanda tool wont suggest it. By the way you can also remove it from your own tanda builder results by rating it very low. You can also discard any track by another one or build your tanda manually. Back the quiz, like the music section, I am afraid no tango will be removed.

Gregory Diaz

By the way I will try add the summary story about this work in the recording's additional info section. Sharing knowledge is the purpose of all this stuff...

Ani Andreani

Yeah, I think that migth be a veeeeeery important information ;-) I hope you take my words just as a constructive critic with a little bit of joking :) - El Recodo Tango es GENIAL, de verdad!!!!! Thank you so much!

Gregory Diaz

Of course Ani! And mine too. Thanks again for this contribution which leads to make this place each time a bit more complete. El Recodo is 'genial' as you said but mainly because of the very intense community.

Gianni Iadanza

Volevo chiedere se è possibile modificare i quiz scegliendo il numero di orchestre su cui indovinare, per me è difficile indovinare tra 10 orchestre io per allenamento sceglierei 4 , poi 5 ecc

Gregory Diaz

Ciao Gianni,
È già così. Il numero delle orchestre aumenta man mano che si avanza nei livelli (3, 5...), e quindi condizionato ad una percentuale minima di risposte corrette. Scusa per il mio googleitaliano :-)

Jose Coronel

El tango La Ofrenda fue grabado por el Sexteto de Carlos Di Sarli el 23/06/1931 con la voz de Ernesto Famá en el sello Víctor disco 37011 matriz 60849

Sandra Flippo

It's not about this tango, but I'll answer a question about another tango and know it's right -- suddenly my answer for, say, a Rodriguez tango appears as the answer for a DiSarli.

Martine Bovo

Jeu délicieusement addictif....