Play to the online Tango Music Quiz and improve your tango knowledge!
12 529 522 PTS - 195 848 QUIZ performed by 1952 PLAYERS from 81 COUNTRIES...

  • 950 016 pts Alfredo Petruzzelli
  • 940 067 pts patricia Fandino
  • 428 074 pts Dariusz Rychlewicz
  • 332 903 pts Alfredo Petruzzelli
  • 310 082 pts Julio Robles Morell
  • 228 375 pts Francisco Hernandez
  • 224 419 pts Marcin Blazejewski
  • 181 621 pts Mirjana Norma
  • 148 040 pts Alex Chornyy
  • 140 196 pts Umberto Principale El Prince
  • 137 165 pts Clerita Perret
  • 115 376 pts leonardo cavezza
  • ...


#1 Italy3 246 6806.6180
#2 Greece1 523 5605.783
#3 Poland1 004 1688.623
#4 France946 5495.0153
#5 Germany781 6186.275
#6 Spain744 8678.218
#7 Argentina603 1445.768
#8 United States427 0184.982
#9 Ukraine387 2266.718
#10 Russia369 6195.764
#11 Uruguay248 3807.712
#12 Switzerland184 4606.127
#13 Canada173 0696.817
#14 Netherlands169 0016.614
#15 Czech Republic129 5889.34
#16 OTHER121 1764.88
#17 Turkey107 1254.918
#18 Albania102 13013.02
#19 Slovenia99 6677.25
#20 Denmark87 3105.510
#21 Norway83 6395.111
#22 Georgia83 2987.05
#23 Romania77 5575.318
#24 United Kingdom73 1633.923
#25 New Zealand69 3909.05
#26 Slovakia63 04110.33
#27 Israel44 4869.33
#28 Portugal44 3745.511
#29 South Korea43 1045.77
#30 Croatia42 1036.26
#31 Egypt32 5268.52
#32 Iceland31 4723.33
#33 Belgium30 9156.05
#34 Australia29 9205.45
#35 Tunisia22 4147.03
#36 Vietnam20 52611.01
#37 Japan19 5735.45
#38 Fiji17 0488.01
#39 Brazil16 6323.85
#40 China16 4376.73
#41 Mexico15 5633.69
#42 Zimbabwe13 7986.02
#43 Thailand10 9105.02
#44 Chile10 5435.52
#45 Austria9 6877.03
#46 Malta8 6573.54
#47 Venezuela7 7838.01
#48 Lebanon7 6645.52
#49 Colombia6 7973.03
#50 Jordan6 6416.01
#51 Bahamas6 2916.01
#52 Ireland6 2553.04
#53 Latvia5 9556.01
#54 Hungary5 5514.02
#55 Vatican City5 4733.52
#56 Lithuania4 6244.01
#57 Afghanistan4 0487.01
#58 Cuba3 8944.01
#59 Sweden3 4742.73
#60 Ecuador3 3744.01
#61 Finland3 2272.33
#62 Macedonia3 1924.01
#63 Cyprus3 1723.01
#64 Uzbekistan2 8404.01
#65 Bulgaria2 7505.01
#66 Kuwait2 3014.01
#67 Singapore1 9474.01
#68 Gambia1 8904.01
#69 Yemen1 8183.01
#70 Haiti1 5653.01
#71 Tuvalu1 5342.01
#72 Burkina Faso1 4523.01
#73 Madagascar1 2933.01
#74 Jamaica1 1782.01
#75 Estonia1 1222.01
#76 Belarus1 0272.01
#77 Taiwan5572.01
#78 Sri Lanka5502.01
#79 North Korea4501.01
#80 India3691.01

  Sara Pacchioni

-18 min Sara Pacchioni gets to Level 3
-9 h Philippe Bouillé gets to Level 5
-1 d Sara Pacchioni gets to Level 2
-1 d Maurice Giachetti gets to Level 14
-1 d Tu Intimo Secreto gets to Level 4
-1 d Britta Sonnenberg has joined us
-1 d Daniela Bertocchi has joined us
-2 d Bulu gets to Level 4
-2 d Tu Intimo Secreto gets to Level 3
-2 d Salvatore Gallitto has joined us
-2 d Bjarne Jørgensen gets to Level 11
-2 d Maurice Giachetti gets to Level 13
-2 d Tu Intimo Secreto gets to Level 2
-3 d jose luis henao has joined us
-3 d Maurice Giachetti gets to Level 12
-3 d Irina Mankova gets to Level 10
-3 d Mirjana Norma gets to Level 13
-4 d Fabian Cordoba posted a comment
-1 min Te busco by Edgardo DONATO
-1 min Estrellita mía by Edgardo DONATO
-1 min El bulin de la calle Ayacucho by Héctor VARELA
-1 min Sinfonía de arrabal by Edgardo DONATO
-2 min Y te parece todavía by Héctor VARELA
-2 min Carnaval de mi barrio by Edgardo DONATO
-3 min Farolito viejo by Héctor VARELA
-4 min La milonga que faltaba by Edgardo DONATO
-4 min La tapera by Edgardo DONATO
-5 min El vals de los recuerdos by Edgardo DONATO
-5 min El huracán by Edgardo DONATO
-5 min La guitarrita by Edgardo DONATO
-6 min Desertora by Edgardo DONATO
-6 min Viejo Palermo by Edgardo DONATO
-7 min Oh mama mía by Rodolfo BIAGI
-7 min Todo es amor by Rodolfo BIAGI
-8 min Y volvemos a querernos by Rodolfo BIAGI
-8 min Cuando llora la milonga by Rodolfo BIAGI
-8 min Mientras duerme la ciudad by Rodolfo BIAGI
-8 min Pobre negrito (Flor de Montserrat) by Rodolfo BIAGI
-9 min Cuando se ha querido mucho by Rodolfo BIAGI
-9 min Una fija by Carlos DI SARLI
-9 min Una fija by Carlos DI SARLI
-9 min Me quedé mirándola by Rodolfo BIAGI


This online game aims at putting your musical knowledge to the test and improving it while having fun! No need to be an expert, the game was designed for all tango music lovers, from beginners to DJs alike, so just start playing!

How to play

Once you\'re logged in, click Start to launch a quiz. You will hear a 10 second piece with 4 multiple-choice parameters to identify (i.e. the ID card of a tango track):

  • the orchestra (among the orchestras available in the music info base on this website)
  • the singer (among a list of singers who performed with the orchestra, or instrumental)
  • the title (among the songs recorded by the orchestra that same year with that same singer if one)
  • the recording period (among significant periods in the history of tango)

Once you've answered the first question, the correct answer\'s revealed and you move on to the next question. Once you've answered all four of them, click Start to get to the next song.

Special question types

Tango Music Quiz aims at improving your tango knowledge. Sometimes a different type of quiz may appear. It is usually a single question about tango culture (dance, music, history...), a maestro to recognize or some piece of lyrics to identify.


At the end of each quiz, you get some additional points. The number of points depends mainly on your good/wrong answers, but also on your current level and time to answer.


Because each of us has different tango music knowledge, the game adapts the difficulty automatically. Depending on the number of songs you try to identify, and your global % of good answers, you will play from level 0 (beginner) to level 17 (tango god). Players at level 0 will hear easy songs in a limited number. The more you rise in level, the greater the possibility of hearing not so well known tangos, in a greater number. The themes are labelled easy or hard to guess automatically, depending on the answers of all players. For example, La Bruja by D'Arienzo, as an all-time classic, will be guessed by experts and beginners alike, thus showing up at the lowest levels. An old ranchera by Lomuto, is rarely heard in milongas and will be hard to identify by beginners, so it should only show up in higher levels after a while.


16/12/2016 Several deep updates for faster conectivity especially if you are far from Paris. New php version, better dns, https, cdn, cache, optimized contents... Your clicks on the advertisements contributed to this.

09/10/2016 - V3.5 Added credits system. Don't get stuck at a level anymore! Get credits , use them to increase your stats and contribute to the website improvement. Added levels 19 and 20 for Gurus. Minor graphical improvements.

20/06/2016 - V3.4 Website translations! Many thanks to our friends who did a great job spending time to translate this game.
Agnieszka Ines Schott (Poland), Fabrizio Pinto (Italy), Juliana Maggioli (Brazil), Veronica Toumanova (Nederlands), Anna Zyuzina and Anastasiia Nikitina (Russia), Daniela Schulz (Germany), Cristina Aky and Horia Călin Pop (Romania), Nadia Cronidu (Greece), Rui Saito (Japan), ...

27/03/2016 - V3.3 Tango Music Quiz becomes available in 3 languages: english, spanish and french.

15/10/2015 - V3.2 Added quiz by pictures and by cultural text questions available in 3 languages.

01/10/2015 - V3.1 Added new lyrics quiz concept. Improved statistics panel display. Improved/adapted levels (thresholds) and new level 18. Bug fixes.

24/08/2015 - V3.0 Complete website update. New and more intuitive design. Updated code for HTML5/CSS3/PHP5.6. New player ranking with challengers, experts and gurus.

23/01/2015 - V2.3 Added Challenge Mode. From a simple link, you can now share specific recordings with your friends. She/he will have to guess it on the Tango Music Quiz game without having to create an account. Links can be found in EL RECODO TANGO MUSIC database, at the bottom of each recording page.

18/08/2014 - V2.2 Updated interface! Play from anywhere, the game is now optimized for smartphones! Plus additional improvements to make it more intuitive...

13/01/2014 - V2.1 Updated rules! Tango music is a never-ending research. The Tango Music Quiz better reflects this idea with a new point system which is also used for the players ranking. In addition, high level players (getting more difficult tracks) can get more points by answers.

29/11/2013 - V2.0 Updated rules! You can still take all your time to answer a quiz, but your global score will be slightly less than the ones who answer imediately. The idea is not to go fast as such, just to be fair between the ones who really recognize a track and those who double check before answering (which remains also an option).

09/11/2013 - V1.7 Added favorites management at the end of each quiz. Keep trace of what you like...

20/09/2013 - V1.6 Added ranking by countries, list of online players, links to find related recordings into our database.

20/08/2013 - V1.5 Added ranking page and profile menu with possibility to reset the game and modify your account.

19/08/2013 - V1.4 You can now listen a 10s samples at the begining, but also at the middle of the track, a great help to answer the quiz ! 10 first seconds for questions 1 and 3 ; 10s from the middle for questions 2 and 4.

18/08/2013 More and more ochestras and tracks added ! More than 5000 tracks now !

16/08/2013 - V1.3 The number of possible orchestras is now limited at the beginning and increases with the level. The random track algorithm has been improved to change the orchestra more often.

16/08/2013 - V1.2 Added flags in the top 10.

12/08/2013 - V1.1 Added information about how to reach the next level, how the tracks are selected, plus few more fun details.

10/08/2013 Added orchestras to the database...

07/08/2013 - V1.0 The interface is now in english so more tangueros from all the world can play. Thanks to Benjamin Solano who translated most of the sentences.

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Maurice Giachetti
MI risulta che Patotero sentimental de Orq. DiSarli canta Mario Pomar uscì il 26/1/54 e non 12/53 (Club del Tango, El Bandoneon)
Carlos di Sarli
And, yes, paying to remove wrong answers does not seem very fair to me. Of course, I understand the underlying motivation that is acceptable given the nice site you provided us with. But linking that to the level is really objectionable.
Carlos di Sarli
The ranking should be 'level then points' not 'points then level' because it is easy to get lot of points (you just have to play forever) while level on the contrary displays the actual average of correct answers. Just my 2 cents...
Mirjana Norma
También feliz año nuevo a todos. Este quiz tiene verdaderamente un nerd factor:)
Gregory DIAZ
Hola Mirjana, Gracias por jugar! Si conseguis conservar tu estadistica actual en unos quiz pasaras al nivel 12. No necesitas pagar. Pero si te encontras bloqueada en el proximo nivel y quieres avanzar mas rapido, entonces los creditos pueden ser utiles.
El sitio y el juego son gratis pero me cuestan bastante. Dar (pidiendo creditos) y/o consultar publicidades son pequeñas formas de contribuciones que ayudan ;-)
Que tengas un feliz 2017. y a todos los que jugaron como locos este año
Mirjana Norma
ahh, je pense il faut payer pour avoir la posibilité d'améliorer son compte. Dinero, dinero toujours dinero - Carlos Di Sarli - Alberto Podesta - Dinero dinero, 1947
Mirjana Norma
tengo la impresión que este 'boost your stats' no fonctiona. Cada vez cuando intento de activarlo no se pasa nada.... y así no tengo la posibilidad de mejorar mis puntos:((
Elisabeth Dussaud
ah ah jouer en famille! Une petite nouvelle sur le site, c'est trop drôle!
Alessio Rocchi
Ottima idea! La difficoltà arriva in modo graduale e funziona molto bene... davvero complimenti! Grazie, Alessio.
Gregory DIAZ
I recently had an issue with Chrome: reading audio was impossible (not only from El Recodo Tango). A simple Chrome update solved it (Menu -- Help -- About)
- - -
Acabo de tener problemas con Chrome: imposible de leer audio (no solo desde El Recodo Tango). lo he corregido simplemente con un update de Chrome (Menu -- Help -- About).
Francisco Hernandez
Patricia y Petruzzelli duermen alguna vez????
Acabo de empezar, la verdad es que me gusta un montón. Gracias!!!!
Gregory DIAZ
Jajajjajajaa si ! es impresionante! Pero con tiempo todo se logra... Y cuando mas subas, menos quedan para superar ;-)
Fernando DE LUTIIS
jamas alcanzare a pitruzzelli, como hizo para meter un millon de puntos? es humanamente imposible
Marcella De nisi
Niente nn mi funziona
maurizio giachetti
Marcella (De Nisi) se non parte la musica devi aspettare che sia caricata. Se si intoppa, apri un'altra scheda di El-retobo e se hai memorizzato la Pw ti riparte dal punto dove eri. Guarda ora se va. Saluti
Marcella De nisi
INn riesco a giocare Nn M parte la musica
Elisabeth Dussaud
Test du quizz aujourd'hui, moi qui n'aime pas les jeux j'adore et je me prends au jeu! Merci Grégory Diaz et l'équipe de Récodo pour ce site, aussi ce site est un outil de travail pour moi et m'a beaucoup aidé à progresser dans mon rôle de Dj, alors encore mille et mille mercis! Eli
Gregory DIAZ
El error 404 no puedo hacer nada me parece... pero poca gente esta jugando al nivel de 18 :-) yo lo voy hacer para probar un poco mas lo que pasa alla en el cielo, por si acaso se me escape algo en el codigo.
Acabo de pedirte como amigo en FB. Ahi hablamos...
Francisco Hernandez
En este caso concreto ademas de tener que poner Instrumental para poder seguir, al teclear el único titulo posible, melodia oriental, me sale el error tipo ETTP440, o parecido, que me impide seguir jugando, con lo que no tengo mas remedio que deconectarme de la pagina y volverme a conectar. No creo que esto le pase a mas gente porque seguramente ya lo hubiesen comentado. De cualquier forma gracias por contestar. Seguiremos jugando,
Francisco Hernandez
Hola Gregory. Me suele pasar algunas veces. Ahora mismo por ejemplo me pasó con Melodia oriental de Zerrillo. Tengo que teclear Instrumental para poder seguir jugando. Seguramente eso solo me pase a mi. Será algo interno de mi pc. De todas formas te agradezco la contestación.
Gregory DIAZ
Hola Francisco te recuerdas al menos de una grabación (tema) con que te paso eso? Al final de cada Quiz hay un botón para indicar este tipo de problema. Así yo puedo averiguar si eso un problema con el tema o no.
Francisco Hernandez
Muchas veces me ocurre que si tecleo una respuesta correcta me sale un error que me obliga a ir atrás y marcar cualquier otra respuesta sabiendo que no es la correcta para poder continuar. Si la opción que hay que contestar es única y sale el error tengo que desconectarme y volver a conectarme para seguir jugando con un quiz diferente. ¿Le ocurre eso a alguien mas?
Gregory DIAZ
Espero que me digas porque la verdad no entiendo en que te puede molestar para jugar... si te gusta el juego pincha en las publicidades de vez en cuando para contribuir :)
Nieves Fernandez
Hola, Gregory. El próximo día hago captura de pantalla y te lo envío. Me sale en un recuadro de la derecha, a la altura de cuando estoy escuchando el tema, y salen anuncios de seguros y trailers de películas. Gracias por contestarme. Saludos.
Gregory DIAZ
Hola Nieves, lo que describes no puede venir de esta página que aunque tenga 1 o 2 publicidades son muy discretas, no hacen saltar nada y no generan ningún sonido. Quizás tu navegador tenga un virus o algo por el estilo. Si me mandas una copia de tu pantalla por Facebook te lo podría confirmar. Repito que esto no viene del quiz. Gracias por participar. Un saludo
Nieves Fernandez
Hola, buenos días. Entiendo que tengan que poner publicidad, pero en el Quiz no, por favor, no se puede jugar. Cuando estoy escuchando salta el anuncio y después otro... Espero lo arreglen pronto porque me encanta venir a jugar. Muchas gracias.
Gregory DIAZ
Reload the page.
If the issue remains answer the question anyway until you got the final result. From here there is a button link to the recording page where you can comment about the issue. But usually it is more a server or Internet issue. .
Myhanh Hoang
Stuck at the third song, the music does not play at all
maria grilo
Soy Maria Grillo de Argentina, imposible escuchar las grabaciones se corta al momento de reproducirse
Gregory DIAZ
..because you are still a challenger @level 4. Get Level 8 and higher to start playing for real ;-p
Evaldas Drasutis
it's a big fun, thank you! Dates/period are usually (too) easy to guess, except Di Sarli-s between Music Hall and later :)
Gregory DIAZ
Seems to be a downloading issue more than navigator issues. The mp3 file needs to be downloaded fast enough. if there is any internet issue during this process, the player may freeze few seconds. The content of the samples only depends on the recordings, if there is a long intro, it can be more difficult to guess. When asking you the singer, you can listen a sample from the middle of the track, which usually helps, but not always ;-) Good Luck!
Evaldas Drasutis
I didn't hear anything in the beginning, just meaningless, sometimes 1 sec long fragments or just intro, withut music. Lost points :) Switched to Explorer, now it's ok.
It's a fun, but still feel a bit strange guessing the singer withouth hearing it :)
Gregory DIAZ
The site is tested/optimized for Chrome. Can you explain by email or fb more precisely what error you encontoured ?
Evaldas Drasutis
doesn't wok on chrome ((
Andrew Evans
Great fun! A big thank you from me!
Jan Woz
doesnt work on my chrome :(
Hola a todos que buena idea este sitio! Aprendo mucho!!
vittorio stasiu
que tal clerita
Gianfranco Pernice
amazing! congratulation!!!!
leonardo cavezza
Fantastic Joke!! :D a sort of Drugs for tangueros & TJ :) Thank you
Gregory DIAZ
francesca mergoni
hola Gregory(et bon voyage!).
una tonteria: en la pregunta sobre la Suite Troileana (yo ni sabia que existia!) falta una 'i'
Salvatore Bertuccelli
Great site.. congratulation! I can't stop play
francesca mergoni
ahahah, super la question sur le quiz qu' on adore!! :D vous pourriez utiliser la meme idée pour les chanteurs aussi.... je crois que va etre la seule possibilité pour moi de les déviner.... :( :D vous etes génials!!!! je vais cliquer tout de suite sur la publicité parce que j'en veux encore et encore!!!! merci :) francesca.
Michele e Francesca
Thanks a lot!!
Gregory DIAZ
Hi Michele e Francesca, i confirm this was a bug I never seen before because of its very low probability to happen. It is now corrected on version 3.1. Thanks!
Michele e Francesca
Hi guys, we have had twice 'cafe de los angelitos by troilo: both times we guessed it but it keeps saying that the answer is incorrect (although it does confirms that the title is correct). I guess there might be a bug or something. thanks for this website, it is amazing!:)