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Ever wondered what was the title of this tango you heard and whose orchestra and singer you only know about? Ever came across a "track 1" in your musical library that should be named "Al compás del corazón" (oops!!) ? More, have you ever wondered what other songs that singer you love so much recorded, who is the composer, what are the lyrics...? Well then you will find this tool to be more than useful.

What is it?

EL RECODO TANGO MUSIC is a powerful database designed to navigate easily through tons of tango recordings. Each recording comes with a 10s high quality audio sample for identification purpose. With last improvements, you can now also find tandas suggestions for DJing, alternative recordings of the same tango, more lyrics and a link to share it as a TANGO MUSIC QUIZ.

How to listen more than 10s?

Only 10s long clips are available in the database (useful enough to identify what you are looking for). By clicking on the icon , you can get more about the recording, including a link to search it on Youtube. Some of these recordings are available on records, others are harder to find on discs with that quality or are simply unedited to this day.

Of course you can contact me for more...

How does it work?

Quick search: Use the input field on the navigation menu. This fast search will look at nearly all the fields in the database.

Advanced search: For more precise searches, use the Advanced search menu. here you can search specific titles, eras, styles, singers, composers, authors and lyrics, as well as a combination of those categories.

Dates: The dates are displayed in a yyyy-mm-dd (year, month, day) format. In case of an unknown or partially known date, the number 0 is used as a joker (ie. 1941-08-00).

Sorting: When a list is displayed, you can click on a column to sort the tracks by recording by any field. By default they'll be sorted by recording date.

Share your search: You can easily share a search you've made by copying the web address (URL) displayed in the upper part of your Internet browser.

Favorites: Sign up with your email and password and bookmark your favorite tangos! To do so, just click on the facing each recording.

Get more: Get full details about any recording by clicking on the icon: lyrics, musicians of the orchestra, label, more recordings of the same title, and even some tandas suggestions!

About El Recodo Tango Music


Jor Gonzalez

Hola, Gregory. Con Héctor Varela hay una versión cantada por Rodolfo Lesica, en 1955. Saludos

Ana C. Buyatti

Hola! Les falta la INCREIBLE versión de la orquesta de Graciano Gomez con la voz de Nina Miranda del ano 1950/58.


No encuentro la pagina para dar una contribución, no veo el menu que permettrai mandar 25 euro, que sea por PayPal o otro modo.

Gregory Diaz

Hola Richard,
La pagina para contribuir es esta, pero vos YA SOS contribuidor hasta enero 2022 por lo cual no podes harcerlo en doble y es por eso que no ves el boton para contribuir.
Si querés hacer una donacion adicional, se puede hacer con este boton Paypal, sin ningun efecto sobre tu acceso o las herramientas disponibles.
Gracias por tu apoyo!

Juan Vachino Dona - para Wilson Rodrigue de Uruguay.

Juan Vachino Dona

Agradezco el envío que me hacen del recordatorio del “Tango del día” el cual público en mi Facebook, gracias.