Ojos negros di Julio DE CARO
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Ojos negros di Pedro Numa Cordoba

Ojos negros y... soñadores
de mis amores
dueños ellos son.
Ojos que encantan a mi alma
y que dan dulce calma
a mi fiel corazón.

Cuando en su cristal
me suelo mirar
me causa placer,
porque en ellos yo
suelo adivinar
su mucho querer.

Nunca jamás
podré olvidar
la expresión arrobadora
de tu faz.

Como divinos luceros
son tus ojos negros
dignos de admirar,

y por ellos yo me muero
y en sus pestañas quiero
poder siempre besar.


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A proposito di Ojos negros

Sorry Maurice, but it seems really impossible because the same data source is used between this page and the quiz. You can double check yourself by redoing the same quiz using this link: https://www.el-recodo.com/musicquiz?z=15c78&lang=fr#play
I don't see any mistake on it.
I mean that I wrote the right date of the quiz that is 1952, but the final result reported a wrong one as 1942. Please the direction to clarify this question
Ciao Maurice! Sorry I really don't see how what you describe can happen. I am 99.9% sure it cannot. Would that be possible that you thought it was ERT4248 while in fact it was ERT7414 recoded on 1942-08-05...? That is the only explanation I can see.
Regarding the points, 26 pts is nothing vs the thousands you gathered, AND most important: the qty of point as NO impact on the level. Number of quiz and statistics do!
Thank you for your feedback and passion ..And take it easy ;-)
Hello Gregory. On my last quiz the result was that I committed a mistake on the date of this song of De Caro. It wrote 1942-08-05 and not 1952-11-27 as in the Databse. That is not fair! Something is wrong in the system. I received only 92 points on that way instead of 118 about. For this reason I request 26 points back because I cannot afford to loose points in that way as I am trying to reach the 20th level. Have a nice Sunday.Thank you