El romántico by Juan D'ARIENZO
Recording number: ERT-3538


REFERENCE El romántico (TANGO) by Juan D'ARIENZO (1944)

La mentirosa (TANGO) by Juan D'ARIENZO (1944)

El rezongón (TANGO) by Juan D'ARIENZO (1944)

Venus (TANGO) by Juan D'ARIENZO (1944)


ARRANGER: Hector Varela
PIANO: Fulvio Salamanca, Rodolfo Velo, Juancito Diaz
DOUBLEBASS: Olindo Sinibaldi
BANDONEON: Hector Varela, Eladio Blanco, José di Pilato, Alberto San Miguel, Salvador Alonso, Luis Pinotti
VIOLIN: Cayetano Puglisi, Blas Pensato, Jaime Ferrer, Clemente Arnaiz

* Non guaranteed information; orchestras sometimes replaced or added musicians in some recording sessions.

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