Vito Venturino

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Vito Venturino

(1976-09-19 - ...)
Real name: Venturino, Victorio
Place of birth: Buenos Aires Argentina

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2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoBuscándote TANGOEduardo ScaliseEduardo Scalise
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoCatamarca TANGOEduardo ArolasJesús Fernández Blanco
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoComparsa criolla (Comme il faut) TANGORafael Iriarte
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoCorazón TANGOCarlos Di SarliHéctor Marcó
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEl acomodo TANGOEdgardo Donato
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoMilonguero viejo TANGOCarlos Di SarliEnrique Carrera Sotelo
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoOigo tu voz TANGOMario CanaroFrancisco García Jiménez
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoQue falta que me hacés TANGOArmando Pontier y Miguel CalóFederico Silva
2016-03-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoTe aconsejo que me olvides TANGOPedro MaffiaJorge Curi
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoCelosa mente TANGOPablo Montanelli
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEl viajero TANGOPablo Montanelli
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEn Boedo TANGOPablo Montanelli
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoFetiche (2) TANGOVito Venturino
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoMadrugada TANGOVito Venturino
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoPara vos TANGOPablo Montanelli
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoPaternal (3) TANGOPablo Montanelli
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoPunk tango TANGOJulian Graciano
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoSe hizo de noche TANGOVito Venturino
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoTango urgente TANGOVito Venturino
2016-12-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoTransylvanika TANGOPablo Montanelli
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoCielo rojo TANGOPablo Montanelli y Vito Venturino
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEl blues de Wanda TANGOPablo Montanelli y Vito Venturino
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEl ingeniero TANGOAlejandro Junnissi
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEn contrastes TANGOPablo Montanelli y Vito Venturino
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoInspiración TANGOPeregrino PaulosLuis Rubistein
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoMaipo TANGOEduardo ArolasGabriel Clausi
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoMontán TANGOPablo Montanelli
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoMuerte dulce TANGOPablo Montanelli y Vito Venturino
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoNo me extraña TANGOAntonio Alfonso Romano y Alberto CelenzaCarlos Bahr
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoSaavedra TANGOPablo Montanelli y Vito Venturino
2018-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoTango del infinito TANGOPablo Montanelli y Vito Venturino
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoAl verla pasar TANGOJoaquín MoraJosé María Contursi
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoGloria TANGOHumberto CanaroArmando Tagini
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoJunto a tu corazón TANGOEnrique Francini y Héctor StamponiJosé María Contursi
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoLa maraña TANGOAdriano De Vita
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoLa noche que te fuiste TANGOOsmar MadernaJosé María Contursi
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoMarión TANGOLuis RubisteinLuis Rubistein
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoRequiem para Beto TANGOVito Venturino
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoRosario TANGOPacha Mendes
2020-06-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoVarela Varelita TANGOPacha Mendes
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoAutomático ELECTRO TANGOVito Venturino
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoBerlin ELECTRO TANGOVito Venturino
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoBuscándote ELECTRO TANGOEduardo ScaliseEduardo Scalise
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoCité tango ELECTRO TANGOAstor Piazzolla
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoComo la genteSuper JELECTRO TANGO??
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoComparsa criolla (Comme il faut) ELECTRO TANGORafael Iriarte
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoElla es así ELECTRO MILONGALuis MartinoManuel Carretero
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoEverybody hurts ELECTRO VALSR.E.M.R.E.M.
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoTiempo en el aire ELECTRO TANGO??
2020-08-00EL CACHIVACHE QuintetoTokyo ELECTRO TANGO??

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Kuro Kurosaka

Is there a way to report a missing recording?

Gregory Diaz

Hi Kuro, yes in the main artist page (adress like this music?O=Carlos DI SARLI for example).
This is useful mainly when the page indicates the discography is complete (so it may be an error). If nothing is indicated, it is suposed to be probably uncomplete already, in this case avoid flooding with comments, but if the recording is really famous I can put it up in my priorities :-)

Kuro Kurosaka

I don't see a button to report. Do I just write a comment under the 'About (artist's name)' ?

Gregory Diaz

Yes correct

José Pagano

Perdón queria saber que es el ERT de un tango...Gracias

Gregory Diaz

Hola José, es el numero de identificación de cada grabación en El Recodo Tango. Saludos

Federico Kahl

Hola alguien tiene información acerca del tango 'Amoríos' que grabó Agesilao Ferrazzano en 1927, gracias

Juan Vachino Dona
Esta dirección tiene algo te que puede interesar.

Phillip Steptoe

Can you do something, so that I don’t get blacklisted when searching for data on tango Music

Gregory Diaz

Hi Philip,
Unfortunately, not without jeoparding strongly the service for all of us.
Consult the pages smoothly as I do everyday myself, you won't be blacklisted this way.
Best regards

Robert-Andrei Botezat

Hi, I don't know where to post this, so I will post it here. I keep getting the message that I need to validate my account whenever I enter on a song in el-recodo database. I already did that and it keeps saying it! Why is that happening? May you please explain to me? Thank you!

Gregory Diaz

Hi Robert, Thanks for notifying this, it should be corrected now. You account is well validated.