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Roberto CALO

(1913-04-26 - 1985-04-26)
Real name: Caló, Francisco
Place of birth: Buenos Aires Argentina

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1954-06-00Roberto CALOLlorando la cartaEnrique CamposTANGOJuan FulginitiJuan Fulginiti
1954-06-00Roberto CALOQue vachachéEnrique CamposTANGOEnrique Santos DiscépoloEnrique Santos Discépolo
1956-10-17Roberto CALOLadrilloRoberto RufinoTANGOJuan de Dios FilibertoJuan Andrés Caruso
1956-10-17Roberto CALOSoñemosRoberto RufinoTANGORoberto Caló y Roberto RufinoReinaldo Yiso
1957-02-14Roberto CALOLimosna de amorHéctor de Rosas y Rodolfo GaléTANGODonato RacciattiEnrique Soriano
1957-02-14Roberto CALOSi vos no me querésHéctor de Rosas y Rodolfo GaléVALSArturo GallucciAbel Aznar
1957-04-01Roberto CALONunca serás míaRodolfo GaléTANGOÁngel CabralJuan José Zucchelli
1957-04-01Roberto CALOTango españolHéctor de RosasTANGOAntonio BisioJuan Pueblito
1957-06-19Roberto CALORosa de fuegoHéctor de RosasTANGOManuel JovésAntonio Viergol
1957-06-19Roberto CALOY con eso donde voyRodolfo GaléTANGOAngel CabralEnrique Dizeo
1957-09-19Roberto CALOFrente al espejoTito ReyesTANGOArturo GallucciMarvil
1957-09-19Roberto CALOLuna tucumanaHéctor de Rosas y Rodolfo GaléTANGOAtahualpa Yupanqui Atahualpa Yupanqui
1957-09-19Roberto CALOSacale chispas TANGOErnesto Franco y Osvaldo Tarantino
1958-03-21Roberto CALOMañana seré felízRodolfo GaléTANGO??
1958-03-21Roberto CALOQue me juzgue DiosHéctor de RosasTANGOLeopoldo FedericoRaúl Gramajo
1958-03-21Roberto CALOTango argentinoTito ReyesTANGOJuan MaglioAlfredo Bigeschi
1958-05-30Roberto CALOMi colegialaHéctor de Rosas y Rodolfo GaléVALSHéctor GentileÁngel Di Rosa
1958-05-30Roberto CALONo culpes al amorHéctor de RosasTANGORoberto Caló y Juan PueblitoRoberto Caló y Juan Pueblito
1958-12-18Roberto CALONapoles de mi amorTito ReyesTANGO??
1958-12-18Roberto CALONo sueñes másHéctor de RosasTANGOJuan Pablo MarínJuan Pablo Marín

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Tijmen Jorg Wehlburg

Hi Gregory, I could not find in the list the recording of La Tablada by Roberto Calo (made somewhere in the fifties I think). Is it your goal to be complete? If yes, do I help you by pointing these things out?

Juan Vachino Dona


Tijmen Jorg Wehlburg

thx juan! But I only wanted to point out that it is missing in the list

Juan Vachino Dona

Okay, Tijmen Jorg Wehlburg

Gregory Diaz

Hi Tyjmen, Thanks for your message.
Most useful is to point missing recordings from a discography which is noted as complete. This one is not complete. As an example, look at Carlos DI SARLI where it is noted as complete on the top of the page.
Any errors notification or doubts on data are very welcome.
You can also contribute by translating or explain lyrics.
For orchestras, post on the orchestra page.
For titles, on the title page...
Best Regards